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In my training as a licensed marriage, family therapist, my focus has been primarily to support individuals in becoming clearer in what they want and need; as well as understanding why they often make the choices that they do (insight).

Therefore, one of the principal goals is to help individuals, couples and families understand themselves better so that they feel better about themselves. This then often leads to increased satisfaction in their intimate relationships and greater life satisfaction.

Throughout the course of our lives, we experience events (some overtly traumatic, some much more subtle, but just as impactful) that leave us often "protecting" ourselves. This certainly is appropriate in certain situations and circumstances, but can also be restricitve in others.

My goal then is to create a safe, supportive environment for individuals, couples and families to feel that they can look at themselves in ways that they may not have been able to before. Through safety and insight from an objective, experienced outside therapist, people are able to challenge some of their "faulty belief systems" and be introduced to having more choices and access to all facets of themselves.

Occasionally, I am asked what theoretical orientation I have, and often reply with the idea that ultimately it is eclectic. However, I would say that at it's core, my orientation is Existential/Humanistic. That simply means it's "person-centered" and comes from the philosophy that we are all unique individuals, who view the world in, well, unique ways.

Therefore, part of my work is attempting to collaborate with clients and to understand their personal orientations of viewing the world and to come up with goals for their treatment and progress on an individual basis.